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SalviaHut.Com Now Offers Bitcoin

We now offer Bitcoin as a payment method for our salvia products. 

Bitcoin is a new currency that has been created so that no government or business can run it. It is a digital currency so there are is not actual paper money, its all online. Bitcoin also uses the "cloud" which means that there is no central server with all the information, instead the digital information is stored on a bunch of different servers, which no centralization.

If you have been using Bitcoin, then you will already know how awesome it is! Bitcoins are perfect for the salvia and kratom industries aswell, since we do not have to pay processing fees, and we also don't need to use heavily regulated merchant accounts.

If you are new to Bitcoin, you will need a "wallet" to get started. You can add funds from your bank account, Paypal, or credit/debit card to your Bitcoin "wallet", then you can make Bitcoin payments using your wallet.

How does your Bitcoin order process work?

Our Bitcoin order process is simple, checkout your order like normal, then select the "Bitcoin" option on the payment page. 

After you complete your purchase, you will be given a Bitcoin "wallet" ID were you will need to send the Bitcoins too. Simply use your own Bitcoin "wallet" to send the coins to our "wallet".

Once we receive the Bitcoins, your order will go out like normal and we will email you a tracking code.