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We accept credit/debit cards! We also accept Crypto & eCheck. Same day shipping. Free shipping on $75+

Do You Accept Credit Or Debit Cards?

The Short Version:

Do You Accept Credit Or Debit Cards? No, we do not.

The Long Version:

We get asked this question A LOT, so I decided to answer why exactly we can not accept credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, or gift cards. on this website.

The products we sell, such as salvia divinorum, are not legal to own or sell in some states (View the legality of salvia per state), and because of that, Visa and Mastercard do not allow us to process transactions on this website.

We actually have accepted cards before..

Infact, between 2009 and 2014 we were processing credit/debit card transactions, but we got a stiff fine from Mastercard in 2014 which hurt us pretty bad financially.

We did proceed to try a couple of “offshore accounts” but the fee’s are just to high, and the merchants were all sketchy.

Since around 2016 we have been all eCheck and Bitcoin/Litecoin. We do not plan on accepting credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, or Paypal anytime soon.

We have not accepted Paypal or any type of credit/debt card since about 2016.

However, some of our competition does accept credit cards, which is prohibited in their contract. I would like to warn you that the merchant processors they use to process those cards are all sketchy. They are “offshore accounts” which are illegally using Visa’s and Mastercard’s services. Some of them steal credit card information. Its best to stay away from those businesses.

But Your Competition Accepts Cards & Paypal?

Yep, that is a fact. As of right now (9/30/2020) our competitor SalviaDragon.Com uses Paypal to process their orders.

How do other companies do that? They simply use bank fraud. They sign up using multiple companies (LLC’s) that lie about the products they are selling. And since they are a international company, they will probably never get caught, just loose there merchant or Paypal account.

Just to be clear: Paypal terms of services does not allow the sale of salvia, so a business who is using Paypal to accept funds for salvia is against Paypals TOS. This might jeperdies the buyers Paypal account as well.

Can you accept prepaid cards?

Nope. Prepaid cards are all issued by the major card companies. So even if its a prepaid debit card, we can not accept them.

Will you accept cards again?

Right now we do not plan on it. But if we know for sure we will not get fined by the card companies for the products we sell, then we will start accepting cards again.

How do you currently accept payment?

We currently accept eCheck and Bitcoin/Litecoin.

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We Accept Credit/Debit Cards

We also accept eCheck & Crypto (Bitcoin/Litecoin).