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How To Try Salvia Divinorum Safely

Salvia Divinorum, a natural plant that gives off psychoactive properties when its crushed leaves are consumed, has been used safely for thousands of years by the Mazatec shamanism for spiritual and religious purposes. Others have used salvia as a way to expand their mind with a spiritual journey. We wrote this article to help you safely try salvia divinorum in the modern day 2020.

Our Salvia Divinorum is made by extracting salvinorin A from the salvia plant using a alcohol or acetone solvent. We then dry and crush up the plant, and then mix the crushed plant with the extract to create a measurable potency.

We only sell the smokable salvia here at SalviaHut.Com. Our products are not intended to be used as a tea or chewed. Below we have instructions on how to safely try salvia divinorum.

Step 1. Purchase Salvia Divinorum

We sell salvia extracts in the following potencies: 10x, 20x, 40x, and 60x. The “weakest potency” salvia we have for sale is 10x, and the “strongest potency” is the 60x.

We highly suggest getting one of our combo packs such as the Combo Pack 2, which contains one gram of 20x and one gram of 40x and then one gram of 60x, so you can work your way up from the weakest to the strongest potency.

One you have decided on the potency of salvia you want to try, simply buy the salvia on SalviaHut.Com for the fastest shipping.

Step 2. Gather Supplies

You will need:

  1. A lighter
  2. Salvia Divinorum extract
  3. Water pipe or normal pipe
  4. Pipe screens
  5. A place to sit

This is the easy part. Please remeber that all of our salvia divinorum needs to be consumed via smoking. Our salvia is not meant to be chewed or made into a tea.

All you will need is a lighter, a pipe, a place to sit and relax, and some salvia extract.

We highly suggest using a water pipe with pipe screens. The salvia extract is very harsh on the throat, so the water pipes help to protect your throat from the hardness.

We also highly suggest that you use a lighter, and not matches, since the salvia extract (Salvinorin A) needs to be heated to a higher temperature to activate.

Step 3: Find A Safe & Relaxing Place

It’s important to find a safe and relaxing place to try salvia divinorum. We suggest using your own living room.

Find a buddy: We highly suggest that you always try salvia divinorum with a friend or 2 to help you on with your spiritual journey. The Mazatec’s always used shamans with their salvia spiritual journey.

Sit down: We highly suggest that you be sitting down when trying salvia divinorum.