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Vaping Tips & Tricks For First Time Vapers

The vaping world is vast and diverse, and it can be intimidating at times, particularly for newcomers. To
start, select the best e-liquid, maintain the condition of your vaping gadget, and attempt to harmonize
vaping with your regular schedule to avoid disruptions. Even the pros who immediately spring to mind
on mentioning the word “vaping” were once amateurs. By adopting the following tips, you can attempt
to do what they did to earn the designation “vaping pros.”

How to Vape

The best strategy is to make life a lot easier and buy 510 thread batteries, vaporizer for dry herb or a
vape pen. Simple accessories are not always lesser than sophisticated advanced equipment; they are
more user-friendly, particularly for novices. Once you’ve got your gadget and juice, observe whatever
refilling instructions that came with it. 

Forms of Inhaling

How you inhale the first time can make all the difference in your experience. It’s crucial and can cause
coughing or a nasty nicotine buzz if done incorrectly. Inhaling e-liquid vapor can be done in two ways:
direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, depending on the kind of gadget in use.

Mouth to Lung Vaping

Mouth-to-lung hits generally perform best when utilizing small-size vaping devices with high nicotine
levels and high-resistance coils. Vapers admit to having the same sensation as if they were sucking air
via a coffee drink straw. The mouthpiece is snug, enabling you to draw low vapor to simulate the feeling
of smoking cigarettes and the impact that smokers experience.
For users who can’t get the optimum draw for their gadgets or whose equipment feature adjustable
airflow, the concentration of nicotine is the best guide for undertaking inhalation. 

Direct to Lung Vaping

Direct to lung hits frequently perform best when utilizing large vapes with low nicotine levels and low-
resistance coils. Using these gadgets to draw the vapor is similar to sucking air through a milkshake
straw. This vaping method produces the most vapor, which feels like a “bong hit,” but smoother and
more accessible since it is frequently used with low nicotine levels.

  1. Know Your Taste

Deciding which flavor to include in your vape liquid is a complex undertaking for newbies. Thankfully,
many retailers and stores provide a variety of sample bundles from which to choose. To name a few,
candy, dessert flavors, and tobacco are some of the flavor groups available. It’s feasible to mix and
combine different flavors to make an unusual mixture. Indeed, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

  1. Keep Extra Batteries to Avoid Inconveniences

Some gadgets only have one battery mod, while others have multiple. If the present battery runs out,
you will have a predicament. Therefore, always have an additional fully charged battery on standby at all
times, so you can switch them out, particularly when traveling. This way, you’ll never have to wait
several hours for the device to charge before taking your next hit.

  1. Purchase Premium Vape Liquids
Photo Source: Image by haiberliu

First and foremost, gather some information on the e-liquid you intend to purchase. Also, pick a reliable
merchant and read their testimonials to see what others comment about them before purchasing. It is
better to spend your hard-earned dollars on premium vape juice.
You may have stumbled across low-cost e-juice products, but don’t put your safety at risk by relying on
them. Remember the adage, “cheap is expensive.” Cheap liquids are frequently of poor quality,
containing contaminants or failing to meet your needs. Always choose recognized products, premium e-juices that use approved, food-grade components, and medical-grade nicotine. Also, keep your preferences in mind while doing so.

  1. Keep Your Tanks Clean

Regularly drain and cleanse the vape tank. It’s easy, and you can perform it once a week. Disassemble
the gadget, remove any remaining liquid, thoroughly clean the mouthpiece, tank, and atomizer using
hot water, and then air-dry these parts. If you don’t do this, you’ll end up with an unpleasant buildup,
leaks, or even bad-tasting e-liquid.

  1. Choose a PG/VG Ratio that is right for you

Note that 100/0 VG/PG vape juice produces rich vapor with soothing back-of-the-throat impacts.
However, a 100/0 PG/VG liquid produces smaller clouds and has a robust deep throat hit. Now it’s up to
you to pick which VG/PG ratio suits you best, based on whether you prefer a more extensive, dense
cloud or a thin, resounding impact. Generally, a high VG e-liquid is of higher quality because it is linked
to fewer allergies, is sweet, has no harsh throat impact that some vapers might find uncomfortable, and
produces massive vapor clouds.

  1. Avoid Vaper’s Tongue
Photo Source: Image by Lindsay Fox

This is triggered by vaping one liquid flavor over an extended period, causing it to lose its taste. If you
experience this phenomenon, don’t worry; it’s not a significant issue. Some electronic cigarette users
have experienced this, but it’s just a caution to ensure it doesn’t happen to you. To solve it, it’s a good
idea to swap between different flavors.


People differ; thus, everybody has a unique story to tell about their vaping experiences. Your preferred
vape juice may not be somebody else’s favorite. As a result, you should always seek to do things in a way
unique to you. Decide your preferred vaping technique, your favorite e-liquid, or the vape that best suits
your needs.

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