Salvia Divinorum Combo Packs

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Here we have our infamous salvia divinorum combo packs for sale. Also referred to as “Combo Packs”.

We picked our best selling salvia extracts and put them into combo deals to help best suit our customer needs.

Combo Pack 1 is our best bet for beginners, it comes with 10x and 20x salvia. We recommend this if you are new to salvia and want to go easy.

Combo Pack 2 is for people who are new to salvia, but want to try the “harder stuff”. This combo pack is more expensive, but it contains our 20x, 40x, and 60x. This combo pack is designed to help you work your way up to the crazy 60x.

Combo Pack 3 is designed for the people who have tried salvia before. We know you have tried 60x before, but we included a 10x incase you decide you want a warm up before.

Combo Pack 4 is for those who wanna try them all :)