20x Salvia Extract
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20x Salvia Extract


You are buying 1 Gram of 20x salvia divinorum extract. All salvia extract products are professionally packaged in resealable bags with high grade and lab-tested salvia divinorum. Shipping is from within the USA.

This product is lab-tested and has a full satisfaction guarantee.


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Michael Kirkpatrick
Michael Kirkpatrick
November 3, 2021.
I have ordered raw Salvia leaves and… I have ordered raw Salvia leaves and stems in the past from others and I received a fairly large amount at a very reasonable price. Difficult to squeeze out the Salvia experience. My order with SalviaHut for 10x Salvia was also a very reasonable price and definitely delivered the Salviia experience. Order was as promised; no serious delays in delivery estimates. I would recommend them and will probably order from them again.
October 27, 2021.
Fast and good service Fast and good service! Thanks!
September 22, 2021.
This is great. This is great.
Yonah Simonelli
Yonah Simonelli
September 15, 2021.
Seems to be legit salvia worked great… Seems to be legit salvia worked great for me
Kevin Parkinson
Kevin Parkinson
September 14, 2021.
Decent Customer Support There was an issue shipping my order, but the support staff at Salvia hut were prompt in replying to me and fixing the problem. I'll update my review when the full order arrives and I get a chance to try it!

Product Description: You are buying 1 Gram of 20x salvia divinorum extract. All salvia extract products are professionally packaged in resealable bags with high grade and lab-tested salvia divinorum. Shipping is from within the USA.

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Since 2009, and with over 75,000+ happy customers, SalviaHut.Com has been America’s #1 trusted source for salvia for sale.

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Product Information

Our salvia for sale is one of the highest quality salvia that you can buy online. If you purchase our salvia today, in roughly three days, you will receive the #1 salvia in the USA!

Salvia divinorum, aka salvia, is a natural plant that typically grows in Mexico. We take the plant and chop it up to extract Salvinorin-A, which is the main active psychotropic molecule in Salvia divinorum. We then mix the Salvinorin-A extract with freshly chopped up salvia leaves in a certain scientific amount to create a “salvia extract”.

[Learn More] Read our Salvia Divinorum Beginners Guide

Salvia has been used for thousands of years by the Mazatec Indians.

Salvia is great for parties!!

Scientific Information:

Each bag of salvia contains 1 gram of salvia mixture (ground up leaves + Salvinorin-A). Out of the 1 gram of salvia mixture, each bags contains 40mg of actual salvia (Salvinorin-A).  Each bag of salvia equals 33 ounces of salvia leaves.

Salvia Dosage:

Below is a chart showing the correct “dosage” to gain the full effect. We get the dosage below by calculating: 200 / strength of the salvia extract. We then double that number to calculate the “loss” of the salvia mixture during the heating process.

However, most people just pack a bowl of salvia in a pipe or bong, and then light it up. We suggest initially using about .25 Grams per “dosage”.

How Many Grams/Bags Do I Need?

Each bag contains roughly 4 hits of salvia. If you are new to salvia, it may take 2-3 hits before you feel the full effects of salvia. We suggest that most people buy 2 grams of salvia.

How To Use Salvia:

You will need a Bic lighter and a pipe. Water pipes are the best, but you can use a normal pipe. Pipe screens are suggested as well, since the salvia is a fine mixture.

Using salvia is simple. Just smoke the salvia in your pipe like you normally would. Then sit back and relax while the salvia take effects.

Please remain seated while you experience the salvia effects. The effects will last about 1-5 minutes.

We suggest using a bic lighter and not matches, since the salvia needs to be heated to a higher degree to release the ingredients in the mixture.

How Is Salvia Extract Made?

Salvia is a standardized extract which means that it is made by extracting pure salvinorin A and placing a specific amount on to small flakes of Salvia leaves. This process helps give consistency to the product and a higher level of strength to the product. During the extraction process, impurities in the blend are removed for an enhanced experience that is not harsh for consumption.

Salvia is a popular legal herbal blend that is a hot product on the market today. Once you smoke salvia, you will begin to experience a range of effects that can be mild to very strong, depending on how much salvia is used. The effects of Salvia vary but include relaxation, altered perceptions, hallucinations, spirituality, sensuality, sensitivity to light and noise and even a deeper connection with the environment you live in.

Quick FAQ:

Is salvia legal?

Salvia is not legal in some states, and we do not ship salvia to those states.

How do I pay for the order?

We accept credit/debit cards, eCheck, & crypto (Bitcoin/Litecoin).

Do you provide tracking information?

Yes. After you purchase your order, you will be emailed a receipt with your order number. As soon as your order is shipped, you will be emailed a USPS tracking code. You may also create a user account and track your order on the My Account page.

Does the postman know what I ordered?

Nope, we ship all orders with stealth delivery, no one will know what you ordered.

Is the salvia shipped within the USA?

Yes, all orders are shipped from our Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA warehouse.

How do I use salvia?

Smoke the salvia in a pipe like you normally would. Then sit back and relax while the salvia takes effect. Make sure you are sitting down.

How long does salvia last for?

Only a few minutes. But it’s intense.

Will I get addicted?

Nope, most people only use salvia a few times in their lives.

How long does shipping take?

Most orders will take 3 days to get to your residence.

Can you be trusted?

This is a business for us. We would not be in business if we rip off our customers. We have a full time customer support staff, and a warehouse team. We have shipped over 75,000+ orders since 2009. We are the #1 trusted salvia retailer in our industry!

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