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The Effects Of Salvia – The Complete Guide

The effect that Salvia Divinorum has on people depends on various factors including how much of the product is used, the method in which Salvia is ingested and the strength of Salvia. A person’s body and metabolism is also a determining factor of salvia effects along with the setting or environment the user is in.

Salvia divinorum, also called diviner’s sage, is a plant from Oaxaca, Mexico where it was once used for ancient rituals. There are two ways in which salvia is ingested. The leaves are dried and are made into a paste for either chewing or smoking. Some people have also made tea infused with Salvia. It actually does not take a long time for a user to begin experiencing the effects of Salvia but the duration of the experience depends on a number of variables. Below is an account of some common effects of Salvia.

Some Of The Salvia Effects That You Will Feel:

– Lack of coordination and consciousness
– Uncontrollable laughter
– Hallucinating
– Altered perceptions
– Experiencing multiple realities
– Peace and relaxation
– Lack of awareness of the self
– Feeling inhuman capabilities including flying and floating
– Sense of traveling; time traveling
– Sense of being an inanimate object
– Seeing abstract shapes and patterns.
– Attention to colors and textures
– Sensuality and sexual stimulation
– Ability to meditate
– Immateriality and spirituality

Because Salvia is commonly known for its hallucinogenic impact, it is suggested that its users be accompanied by others during use. People go through different experiences that are referred to as “trips” with various levels of intensities ranging from subtle to very strong. This range depends on how strong the Salvia product is, how it is taken, and personal sensitivity. Below are some reports of the effects of Salvia.

Some people begin with a mild experience of Salvia in a relaxed state along with other forces working with the body. At this point, it is possible to meditate and there is also a strengthening of sensual awareness and even sexual pleasure.

“I’ve been aware that Salvia divinorum can be a relaxing and peaceful experience and I’ve had friends who have been able to meditate after smoking some. I never knew how spiritually rewarding and mentally soothing a meditation session can be until I actually was able to experience it with Salvia. While laying down I began feeling my body getting heavy followed by a sense of gravity’s force and suddenly I felt like I was being lifted somewhere that was peaceful but I was still aware of my body and the way it felt. This was an uplifting sensation and it all felt peaceful. I came out of this feeling positive and able to go through the rest of the day.”

Other people leave the relaxed moments with Salvia and begin to have their perceptions alter as their visual experiences become more intense as long as the eyes remain closed. There may be a slight sense of detachment from reality combined with stronger sensory feelings.

“I opened the delivery package of Salvia and packed it for a smoke not knowing exactly what to expect. Within a couple minutes I began to feel like my arms were becoming elongated and I noticed my vase with a dozen white roses that were filled with intensely bright and vivid colors of fuchsia, red, orange, purple and even neon green and the entire room filled with such a strong fragrance of roses. I couldn’t feel my lips but I was constantly laughing and giggling. The lavender walls of my living room began to sink down into the ground and I saw a bunch of flowers in a garden stretching and twisting their stems. I felt like a small creature in the middle of these flowers that had faces smiling at me and speaking to me. As much as I tried to respond, I could only hear them.”

Those who experience the strongest effects of Salvia tend to lose sense of themselves and begin feeling out of body occurrences where the user may hallucinate himself in a divine realm becoming one with God and other objects. Their notions of reality are far removed and can result in a stage of unconsciousness and even shaking uncontrollably.

“It was my fifth time using Salvia and this time I was able to feel sensations I had never felt before. Suddenly all my questions were answered. I felt myself lifted out of my material self and fall through a tunnel of darkness that threw me in an empty room where I came face to face with myself but of when I was a child. We began dancing hand in hand as our arms twisted and turned in all directions. My child self spoke to me with a maternal voice that echoed as it answered my questions without me asking anything. Although it was me, face to face with my childhood self, it still didn’t feel like me. It was such a reassuring experience as I came back to my material world.”

People use diviner’s sage as a way to become peaceful and maintain positivity. The effects of Salvia may have a combination of levels and the experience is a pensive and meditative one meant for the individual. The ultimate goal of indulging in a Salvia induced journey is to reach some sort of enlightenment with spiritual guidance and healing.

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