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Top Ways To Try Salvia Divinorum

With its rising popularity, more and more people want to enchant their taste buds with Salvia Divinorum. If you are also impressed by its huge demand and admiration among your peers, here are some practical ways to try your hands on Salvia Divinorum.

Even if you are trying it for the first time, these are the fool-proof ways, and we assure you the maximum effects you are looking for or should expect while trying Salvia Divinorum for first time.

But before that, you need to know what Salvia Divinorum is and what exactly you are signing up for if you try it.

Origin of Salvia Plant

The Salvia plant is also known as the Sage plant to many. Diviner’s sage, magic mint, maria pastora, sally-d, seer’s sage, and shepherdess’s herb are the street names you must have heard. It originated in Mexico and grew in humid and temperate regions. Its variant Salvia Divinorum has particular growth conditions. I only grow in the specific weather of its native land, Sierra Mazateca in Oaxaca, Mexico.

When trying the Salvia Divinorum plant for the first time, you should always do your research. But what is worth remembering while researching is that not everything you go through on the internet is true. This article will help you choose the right and beneficial ways of taking up Saliva Divinorum.

So, without any delay, let’s begin your exciting journey towards one of the most beneficial species of the Salvia family.

1. Salvia Divinorum Extract

Salvia extract is, hands down, the most popular way to try Salvia Divinorum. The Salvia extract is obtained from the Salvia Divinorum plant. The extract is then sprayed onto the crushed, and dried Salvia leaves. Obtaining extracts might sound very simple, but it is

n’t straightforward. It is a highly complex procedure requiring much attention and care. Experience is also required to attain the same extracts. It is not like one day you wake up and choose to make your own Salvia extract from now. as much as Salvia lovers wish it to be that simple, that’s not the case.

So, buying these extracts from a trusted supplier is always a good idea. When buying Salvia leaves, you are offered various options.

Salvia extracts are classified based on their potency. You can choose between 10x, 20x, 40x, and 60x extracts at Salvia Hut. But when choosing higher potency Salva extracts, remember that the higher the extract, the more extreme its effects are.

Smoking up Salvia Divinorum extract is known to be very effective. To enhance the effects, we suggest that you use a water pipe. People use other methods, such as joints, but water pipe is one of the most effective means of smoking Salvia extract.

2. Salvia Tea

If you do not want the smoking option, then worry not, as Salvia Divinorum still has a lot to offer you. You can enjoy a warm, soothing cup of Salvia tea with your favourite book. Making Salvia tea is an effortless task. You need simple ingredients, and voila, you will have a freshly brewed cup of Salvia tea in the comfort of your home.

You will need the following ingredients:

  • A tablespoon of dried and crushed Salvia leaves
  • A cup of water
  • Honey (as per taste)
  • A few drops of lemon juice (optional)

Bring water to a boil and add Salvia leaves to the boiling water. Then lower the flame and boil for a few minutes. Pour the tea into a cup and add honey and lemon as per your taste. To achieve a flawless cup of Salvia tea, you must master the critical ingredient, i.e. Salvia leaves. Quality Salvia leaves are the secret behind a soothing and relaxing cup of Salvia tea.

If you have tried Salvia leaves from various sellers and still cannot achieve that perfect taste, you should buy them from us. Salvia leaves are not only limited to brewing a hot cup of tea. You can even opt for iced tea.

Brew the tea, as explained before, for a refreshing glass of iced Salvia tea. Let it cool, and add to it your glass filled with ice. If you don’t like your iced tea plain, you can add flavourings to it as you fancy.

When preferring Salvia tea over extracts, there is one thing you should never forget. Salvia extracts have more potent effects than taking p Salvia leaves in tea. In the latter, the effects are milder and more mellow.

3. Chewing Salvia

Another way people opt to consume Salvia is by chewing it. If you opt for this method, you should have a Salvia plant nearby to pick up leaves and chew them anytime. You should buy a plant and grow it in your home as this is a more convenient option.

You can buy Salvia plants from us and have a long time of access to Salvia leaves. It will be a great complement to your home plants. Taking care of Salvia plants is not a big deal if you are wondering so. It would help if you considered a few vital growth factors for Salvia Divinorum, such as sunlight, water, well-drained soil, weather, etc.

However, when opting for this method, remember that chewing Salvia leaves are less effective than smoking Salvia extracts or sipping Salvia tea.

Bottom line

Salvia or Sage plant has psychoactive properties. So, it is highly recommended that you monitor your intake of it. Like all other drugs, excessively using or abusing Salvia has destructive effects. Remember the famous saying; excess of anything is terrible. The same goes for Salvia too.

So, keep in check your Salvia doses and always buy from trusted suppliers like Salvia Hut. We deal in premium quality Salvia and have many satisfied and long-term customers in the country. We also deal in Salvia extracts, Salvia teas, Salvia dried leaves and Salvia combos. Drop by anytime to check out our fantastic collection.