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Can You Buy Salvia Divinorum At Walmart?

The Short Version

Can you buy Salvia Divinorum at Walmart? No.

The Long Version

Did you ever want to try Salvia Divinorum only to find out it is not available at Walmart? Well, you are not the first. Here we will explain why Salvia Divinorum is not available at most big chain stores.

Products like Salvia Divinorum (Article: What is salvia?), Kratom, and Magic Mushrooms, although legal in some states, will probably never be available at big box chain stores like Walmart. This is due to several reasons ranging from the vendors’ certification, quality of the products being sold, but mostly the legal status of the products.

Although there are rare instances where you can find Salvia Divinorum on Walmart.Com (as some users have told us), it is pertinent to note that using the compound is banned in most major regions of the world, including some states in the US. This is because Salvia Divinorum possesses a psychoactive compound that can alter the users’ mind (Article: The Effects Of Salvia).

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John Marston (Admin)

Is Salvia Divinorum Legal In The US?


Salvia’s legality has been a subject of debate since the early 2000s when Rep Joe Baca introduced a bill to schedule it as a controlled substance at the federal level. Although this bill was met with opposition from other congress members, a good number of other states were forced to propose their own legislation on the compound, dividing the US into a community of yeah and naysayers.

Speaking on the legal status of Salvia divinorum in the US, the DEA has said that: “Neither Salvia divinorum nor its active constituent Salvinorin A has an approved medical use in the United States. Salvia divinorum is not controlled under the Controlled Substances Act. Salvia divinorum is, however, controlled by several states. Since the CSA does not control salvia divinorum, some online botanical companies and drug promotional sites have advertised Salvia as a legal alternative to other plant hallucinogens like mescaline.”

While some states like North Dakota, Florida, Delaware, Tennessee, Missouri, Louisiana, and Minnesota have passed bills for the criminalization of Salvia divinorum in their regions, some states still maintain their stand on keeping the product legal. This makes it almost impossible for people to purchase the product from big box chain stores, such as Walmart, that have extensive distribution and logistic networks (which may overlap illegal states).

Bottom line

Don’t expect purchase Salvia from big chain box stores such as Walmart anytime soon.

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