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Salvia Divinorum Beginners Guide

Hello Explores,

I hope you find this article useful. My name is John Marston, and I founded SalviaHut.Com back in 2009. I started this business to help people safely try quality salvia divinorum. Since our founding, we have helped thousands of people safely try salvia. I wrote this article to help people who are new to salvia.

What is Salvia Divinorum?

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Salvia (Salvia divinorum) is a natural plant in the mint family, native to modern-day southern Mexico. The salvia plant contains a natural chemical called Salvinorin A, which can produce incredible body and mind experiences.

This small leafy plant originated in Oaxaca, Mexico and was used by Mazatec shamans during divination and spiritual healing rituals. Because salvia offers such great effects on the body and mind, you can find salvia for sale in many parts of the world today.

^^ The salvia divinorum plant in its natural habitat.

How Is Salvia Used?

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The Mazatec shamans traditionally used salvia by chewing the plants “fresh” leaves, or making tea with “fresh” salvia plant leaves. People also use salvia by chopping dried salvia leaves and rolling the mixture up in a joint, pipe, or water pipe.

We sell salvia as a dried plant leaf mixture with standardize salvia extracts blended into the mixture. Since we standardize our salvia mixtures, you can choose the level that salvia effects your mind and body. The lowest salvia extract mixture we sell is 10x salvia, the highest salvia mixture that we sell is 60x salvia. Most people first try either 20x salvia or 40x salvia since they produce a more medium effect.

You “can” use salvia with a normal joint or pipe. However, we highly suggest that you use salvia with a water pipe and disposable lighter (no matches), and hold your breath for a few seconds after using salvia to receive the full effect.

^^ (Above): This is what our salvia extract mixture looks like when you receive it.


How Does Salvia Effect Your Body And Mind?

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After using salvia, you will feel a very short but intense body and mind feeling.

The salvia effect itself is short lived, usually lasting between 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Most people usually try salvia just a few times in their lifetime.

Salvia is not addictive at all, and would be considered a “soft drug” along the lines of LSD/acid. Most people try salvia just once or twice in their whole life.

The active ingredient in salvia, salvinorin A, targets nerve cells called kappa opioid receptors.

What Salvia Should I Try First?

We suggest getting the Salvia Party Pack 2 for starters. It comes with 20x, 40x, and 60x salvia. We highly suggest starting with the 20x salvia and working your way up to the 60x salvia.

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