We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Cash App, Bitcoin/Litecoin & eCheck. Same day shipping. Free shipping on $75+

How To Pay With eCheck?

In the video below we explain how to pay with eCheck.

Because of the products we sell (Salvia and Kratom), we can not accept debit/credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, etc. Just like cannabis, our products are against their terms and conditions.

We currently accept eCheck and Bitcoin/Litecoin. On this page we describe how eCheck works and answer some common questions.

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What is eCheck?

eCheck is basically as the name states, an electronic check. When you pay with eCheck, we create an “electronic version” of your check and deposit to the bank. It takes around 48 business hours to verify the eCheck has cleared.

Is eCheck safe?

Yes. We use a 3rd party merchant for our eChecks and use SSL on our own website. Your data is not shared with anyone else other than the merchant (to verify the eCheck) and the bank. The eChecks data are not stored on our servers.

Why do you wait 2-3 days before shipping eCheck orders?

The instant you submit your order to us, our 3rd party merchant verifies the eChecks information is correct and then submits it to the bank. It takes the bank roughly 48 hours to verify the eCheck. As soon as the eCheck is verified (cleared) your order will be shipped. It takes roughly 2-3 days for this process, thus we are unable to ship the order until it is complete. Note that all Bitcoin/Litecoin orders are shipped the same day.

How do I pay with eCheck?

Simply make a order on our website like normal, and then go to the final “checkout” page once you are ready. Once you are on the “checkout” page, you will see a option for eChecks if you are a US based customer. We are unable to accept eChecks for international shipments. Below is how to pay with eCheck:

  1. Once you are ready to checkout, go to the “Checkout” page. Which is located on the “View Cart” page.
  2. Enter your name, shipping address, email, and phone number like normal.
  3. Then select the “eCheck” payment option (only works with USA shipments).
  4. Enter your routing number (you can find this on your bank account statements, online banking, or real checkbook)
  5. Enter your account number (you can find this on your bank account statements, online banking, or real checkbook as well)
  6. Once all your information is complete, and you have double checked everything, simply click the “Place Order” button to complete your purchase.

Why was my eCheck delined?

When you submit your order to us, our 3rd party merchant instantly checks the echeck’s data to make sure its valid. If the information is not correct, or if there is insufficient funds, then the eCheck will be declined. Below are some of the reasons why your eCheck was declined.

Error Codes:

Payment Error: The routing number appears to be accurate however Please ensure that the correct checking account information was entered. Please try again.

This means that your routing number is correct, but your account number is not correct. Please make sure that your account number is correct. Also make sure that your account number has all has all the correct zero’s “0” before and after the it.

Last updated: March 25th, 2021